Massive Female Bodybuilder Interview Nuriye Evans

02 April 2020 / IN Muscle Girl Interviews
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No limitations and no boundaries are words to live by for massive female bodybuilder Nuriye Evans. With a contest weight of 180 lbs and 18” arms this women is huge! Muscle on a women is sexy and Nuriye is full of  muscle! Being a female bodybuilder is sexy and beautiful and every bit a WOMAN!

"Me just walking into a room will turn a man on it's that simple."

How did you get started bodybuilding?

I picked up weights when I was 16 and started to bodybuilding at 21. I always loved the look of women with muscle so it really came naturally to me.

What do you like about having muscle?

I love the power, looking different and I love the stares!

Are guys intimidated by your sheer size?

I sure hope so and yes they are!

Nuriye Evans looking buff in pink
Nuriye Evans has thick arms

"I pave my own way and never travel with the masses."

How did you get the name Naughty Nuriye? What makes you so Naughty?

Lol, I gave it to myself. My mind works a lot like the fans. I love turning them on and make no apology for doing so.

What are you best assets?

I don't take myself too seriously. The most important thing to me is staying humble and just being a good person.

What do people ask you the most about your muscle?

How did I get so damn big!

Nuriye Evans high bicep peak
Nuriye Evans looking huge in lingerie

When i'm feeling naughty i like to:

Fuck :)

What do you so when you want to turn on a man?

Me just walking into a room will turn a man on it's that simple. :)

What advice would you have for a guy who wants to date a muscle girl like yourself?

Be confident, be yourself and don't let a woman with muscle change who you are. Just be you!

Nuriye Evans showing off her massive bicep
Want to see more of Nuriye Evans? You can find her here:

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