Samantha Kelly Muscle Girl Webcam Interview [Big Fake Tits]

14 September 2021 / IN Webcam Girl Interview
Samantha Kelly flexing her bicep on her webcam

It's no secret our favorite muscle girl of all times is the beautiful and busty babe Samantha Kelly! Published fitness model, photographer, personal trainer and all around amazing women. There is something about her we find so sexy and it's not just her perfect pair of 32DDD boobs (they are amazing) or her juicy round bubble butt... She's just got that "thing" that drives all the boys crazy. Plus if you've seen her videos or watch her webcam you know she would rock your world in the bedroom. Just the sounds this girl makes is enough to get us excited!

"I do nude workout shows and flexing as well as use toys."

How did you get started working out?

I have always been into playing sports. Training in the gym has always been very natural for me.

What do you like best about having muscle?

I love being lean and strong. I feel sexy showing off my muscle.

How did you start out as a camgirl?

I discovered Muscle Girl Flix Live and thought it would be a fun way to interact with fans.

Samantha Kelly flexing her thick bicep
Samantha Kelly flexing both biceps

"I’m a total closet nerd and a neat freak. You could literally eat off my floor. "

What makes you stand out from other camgirls?

My athletic build and my big boobs. Plus I love engaging with fans.

Do you remember your first time on webcam?

I do, I found that guys didn't have a lot of exposure to fit girls and they liked that I was different.

What are three things people don’t know about you?

I’m obsessed with my fur babies! I’m a total closet nerd and a neat freak. You could literally eat off my floor and I love classical music.

Samantha Kelly in a wet t-shirt holding up her boobs
Busty Samantha Kelly in a bikini top

What do you offer in your cam shows?

I try to switch up my shows. I do nude workout shows and flexing as well as use toys.

You are known for having a wonderful booty. What do you say is your best asset?

Thank you. I find my best asset is my smile. It's not a body part but I have been told it can light up a room. But most guys would say my big boobs... Men go gaga over them. I love the way people react when they first see my boobs!

What do you so when you want to turn on a man?

Press my big lips to his and lean my body into him. Or I'll rub my booty up against him... That works every time!

Samantha Kelly's boobs popping out of her top
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