Sweet Angell Doll Webcam Fintness Model Interview

30 July 2017 / IN Webcam Girl Interview
Sweet Angell Doll doing bicep curls

"I like to do workout shows, flexing, stripteases on my webacm. I love to be the dominant woman!"

Sweet Angell Doll is one sexy and fitness model webcam girl! Certain men were born to worship and serve and she is happy to dominate them. If you spoil and amuse her you will find humbling joy her ability to pleasure and please you. Your fantasies will come true under her spell. If you like fit and dominant women check her out!

How did you start out as a webcam model?

I started one year ago and now I found Muscle Girl Flix Live and I think it suits me much better!

What makes you stand out from other camgirls?

I think my sweet face in combination with my fit body.

When did you start working out?

I started to go at gym 5 years ago. At first it was like a game but then I started going to the gym 6 times a week and do weight training. I love it!

Sweet Angell Doll doing bench press
Sweet Angell Doll lat pull downs

"Watch me and you will become addicted and you will never be sorry. Watch how quickly you will belong to me!"

What do you like best about being fit?

I think a woman who works out is much more beautiful and sexy. The skin is firm and my body is so strong.

What do you offer in your cam shows?

I do workout shows, flexing, stripteases and I love to be the dominant woman!

What do you say is your best physical asset?

Is not a physical part. I can say that my best asset is my face and my smile. This was my best asset from when i started to be camgirl.

selfie of webcam model Sweet Angell Doll
Sweet Angell Doll doing barbell curls

What do people ask you the most about being fit?

They ask me when i started to train, how much I can lift and most woman ask me if I'm not afraid to look like a man  :))

What is your favorite exercise?

I like all exercises and I love to spend my time at gym. Besides fitness i do Kangoo Jumps... It is a funny sport and is the best cardio ever!

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