Top 5 Exercises To Fuck Better in Bed

27 August 2020 / IN Muscle Girl Top Lists
fitness model ready to fuck in bed

"Have you ever wanted to be able to fuck a woman so hard she can't walk the next day? Well then you better get those sex muscles in shape here's how!"

We all like to think that we are the best lay out there. Last longer than anyone there before you, make her reach orgasm faster and more frequently and be up for a Round 2 before the next morning.

You’re probably a million miles away from all of that (at least in reality, if not your mind), but you can put yourself in position to be as close as possible. There are a number of things that you can do in the gym that will make vast improvements in getting there that may already be in your workout repertoire.


The King of Exercises is the one that will be your biggest help towards becoming the King of the Bedroom. It is basically a full body movement (with the main focus on your quads, hamstrings and glutes) and improves your strength, appearance and balance. You will find yourself being a lot more adventurous as a lover if you have the capability of performing at a higher level and in a variety of sexual positions.


These are very comparable as far as the range of motion and targeted muscles go, but obviously the bench press can up your strength faster with the added weight for resistance. This is an upper body compound movement that hits the chest, shoulders and triceps and emulates both being in the missionary and ‘girl-on-top’ positions…but without the same payoff.


This is a movement that will obviously work on your abdominals, but also your obliques and entire core, as well. It will give you great upper body flexibility and you will also be able to maneuver and reach the good spots while with your chick in bed.


This is one that will come in handy with either the ‘girl-on-top’ or doggie style positions. This is another total core exercise and really hits the hip flexors good. Popping up and down with the weight will make you an expert at those styles of sex.


Here’s where your endurance level comes into play. Sure, the weights will be a big boost in enhancing your performance. But if you can’t even last 30 seconds before being out of breath, she’ll end up draining all the batteries in the house. So you have to incorporate cardio into your exercise regimen so you can go for an extended period of time.


These are simple to do and you don’t have to go to the gym to do them. As a matter of fact, make it a habit of doing a set while you’re sitting at a red light and you’ll have a bunch (literally) under your belt by the end of the day. This is merely flexing the muscle that you use to hold in a piss. Squeeze, hold and release. Bang out sets of 15 at a time and you’ll be working the pelvic floor muscles plenty. These will improve the blood flow to the penis and also if you are dealing with ED and/or premature ejaculation.

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