Sex Advice From a Female Bodybuilder [Part 1]

female bodybuilder Jill Jaxen sex advice column
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Sex Advice from a Female Bodybuilder.
You ask. Female bodybuilder Jill Jaxen answers. Get your sex advice and more here!

"You guys earn bonus points when you actually listen to us!"

How can I start a conversation with a gym crush without looking like a gym creep?

First of all, don’t interrupt their workout or you’ll be a jerk AND a creep. Try and be slick and slide in on the machine next to them during cardio or ask how many sets they have left, IF you’re training and can pull off looking like you’re training the same thing and not stalking them. Or just be a normal human being and smile and say hello and say that you’ve seen them around and ask their name. BOOM. Easy. A smile will open up infinite possibilities and you can usually gauge interest from that. Or you can just be a total stalker and find them on social media, start following them and then one day be like “hey! I follow you on whatever – nice to meet you in real life”. The latter is more my style. I like the thrill of the hunt.

I’d like to get my girlfriend to start working out with me. How can I get her in the gym without making her think that I think she is fat?

Book a vacation somewhere that requires a bikini. She’ll happily get her butt in the gym PRONTO. This way you get the girl in shape and get a vacation out of it. Plus, you never have to say she looks fat, plump, chubby or portly. Triple win.

My girlfriend thinks I should be more spontaneous. What can I do to surprise her?

Everything that you wouldn’t “normally” do and that’s out of character for YOU. That is how you can surprise her. Ask her what her fantasies are and what she wants and then work on making those fantasies a reality when she LEAST expects it. You guys earn bonus points when you actually listen to us!

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Jill Jaxen huge arms.

"I say chuck her ass to the curb and get with a muscle broad."

I love looking at girls with muscle online but my girlfriend hates it. Is there anything I can tell her to make her feel better about this?

Tell her to get some muscle so you can look at her, too! Just kidding… Not really. If she doesn’t approve of you simply looking at things you LIKE online, then you need to find someone that’s not threatened by that. (She obviously has self confidence issues.) If you stay with her, just don’t tell her, because you know what her reaction will be. I say chuck her ass to the curb and get with a muscle broad because that’s something that you should experience first-hand and not online.

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