Sex Advice From a Female Bodybuilder [Part 10]

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Female Bodybuilder Sex & Relationship Advice

Sex, dating and relationship tips from a female bodybuilder's point of view. It's all happening in the Locker Room with Jill Jaxen.

"A little jealousy is healthy in a relationship - It keeps you humble."

Is it true women are now having sex aide parties the way they used to sell Tupperware?

Yep! I have indeed heard that many women host these type of parties as of the late! Sounds like a lot more fun than plastic containers! And how much fun must that be to have an educated sex-toy aficionado showcase the latest and greatest gadgets to get you off?

Do you think it's possible to become passionate about someone when there is no chemistry at first?

I think that people can definitely grow you on after spending time and learning more about them. Chemistry isn't always instantaneous - sometimes it creeps up on you.

Have you ever been asked out on a date at the gym? What would a guy have to say to you to get your attention?

Yes. And unfortunately every man who has asked me out AT the gym has gotten a "no" as a response. Why? All of these guys approached me and struck up a conversation with me, but with no prompting or invitation from my end. That means that I was not attracted to them or interested to begin with, so my interest-level in.

female bodybuilder sex advice
sex advice from female bodybuilder

"I like to dominate...but I also love to be dominated by an even stronger and more powerful alpha male when in a relationship."

Is it OK to feel jealous when I see my girlfriend talking to other guys at the gym?

It sure is. It means you care about her! A little jealousy is healthy in a relationship - It keeps you humble. 

As a fit muscular woman, do you like to be the dominant one in bed or do you prefer to be lead?

I consider myself a switch. I like to dominate...but I also love to be dominated by an even stronger and more powerful alpha male when in a relationship. (I'm old-fashioned that way.) 

Have you ever woke up next to someone you regretted sleeping with? What is the best way to make your way out of that situation?

I've never had a coyote ugly moment THANK GAWD. I'm picky about who I sleep with and thankfully I haven't had any regrets about who I've woken up next to in the morning. If you happen to find yourself in a situation where an escape plan is necessary, try to slip out while they're sleeping so you don't have to explain yourself or have a conversation about when they're going to see you again. If you have to make a getaway while they're awake, you can try one of two techniques; The first is to act like a total freakshow in the hopes that they'll think you're crazy and decide that they never want to see you again. Tell them that you're happy that they understand that you have a dormant case of herpes if you want to wholeheartedly ensure your success in escape. The second technique is to just run out the door in a hurry claiming that you have a meeting or forgot to turn off the stove. Make sure you don't give them your correct phone number and hope that they aren't social media inclined to look you up and stalk you that way.

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The sex we are having is not so great but I really like the girl. Any tips to make it better?

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate! Ask her what her fantasies are. Ask her what turns her on. Ask her what turns her off. Ask her what she likes and does not like to do. Get to know your girl and her desires! And secondly, ask YOURSELF what you're doing! Are you spending enough time with foreplay? Are you getting her to orgasm, if at all? What can YOU do to improve the situation? If you aren't talking to your other half, you will both never be satisfied with the quality of sex you are currently having. If you really like the girl, try putting in the leg work that is required to be a better lover. Because if you like her, you'll WANT to do the work! 

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