Sex Advice From a Female Bodybuilder [Part 6]

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"Tease and denial is a fun game to play when trying to heighten ones senses and work up excitement."

I have been single for awhile and now I have been reaching orgasm a little too quick with my new girlfriend. How quick is too quick? Any suggestions to still make it fun for her?

Anything under 3 minutes is definitely too quick. Tease and denial is a fun game to play when trying to heighten ones senses and slowly work up the excitement. If you need to take a step back yourself so you’re not the first one to the party, try laying her back and stimulating her orally. After all, ladies first! And as far as reaching climax too quickly, try breathing and focusing in order to make your erection stay put and not vacate the premises before its time.

What is it like having big boobs on such an athletic frame in the gym? Do you find you get a lot of extra unwanted attention or is it all good?

I’m completely comfortable with having large boobs anywhere I go. My only complaint is that they get in the way sometimes when I use certain machines in the gym but if that is the biggest downside to having large breasts, I’m OK with that.

Manscaping question for you: Do women prefer men who shave, trim or leave it natural down there?

Afros haven’t been popular since the seventies and no one likes a hairy bush. (Well, maybe a few people, but the majority rules on this one.) I personally prefer a man who manscapes and trims or shaves.

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"I’m completely comfortable with having large boobs anywhere I go."

One of the latest trends is the ‘Dad Bod,’ which to me is just an excuse for guys to be lazy. Do women really find that attractive?

I know women who are not turned on by “Dad Bod” in the least. What we tend to find attractive however, is a good father, so perhaps that’s where the DILF comes into play. Being a dad is no excuse to be lazy and/or out of shape, so hopefully the next trend will be Dad Bod 2.0 with a more fit model.

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